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Founded in 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jo Maxion and Candi Kenney are Chief Careerly Co-Officers passionate about helping others achieve their professional and personal goals.

CareerlyLAB was created to provide advice, encouragement, and actionable tips to help you along your journey.

We are a community of career and life coaches, recruiting executives, and human resources experts to provide you with guidance, support, and empowerment to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

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Jo Maxion

Chief Careerly Officer
and Executive Editor

About Jo Maxion

Hello! I’m Jo, and I’m a mom, a talent executive for a health technology company, and a career and business coach.

I have a degree in Human Resources Management and have over 15 years experience in recruiting and people operations.

CareerlyLAB has been an idea in the making for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to create something I’m passionate about, helping others along the way, and making a difference. I just didn’t know what that looked like until I received my certification in coaching.

And CareerlyLAB was born.

I am so excited to be partnering with Candi on this venture! She’s a recognized and respected expert in our field. She’s extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and shares my passion for helping others. I’m also very lucky to call her my friend.

She and I have known each other since 2006! Fun fact – when we first met, she was managing talent and people operations for a startup voice communications technology company and she hired me as her recruiter. We’ve been professionally and personally bonded ever since!

Navigating through my own career and life is a never-ending adventure, and I’m so excited to help build this expert community to help others with their own career and life journey.

Personally, I’m a mom to two awesome teenagers that I’m beyond proud of and two fur pups that I can’t help but spoil. I’m a homebody, love chocolate way too much, and I always look forward to my next binge-watching crime show.

About Candi Kenney

Hi! I’m Candi and I’m a mom, grandmom, talent executive for a SaaS technology company, life coach, and I thrive seeing others meet their full potential.

I have a Certificate in Human Resources Management from San Jose State University and 20 years of experience in Recruiting and HR. I was a teen mom and I had a non-traditional professional path that was often difficult and challenging, but looking back, I’m so proud of paving my own path to success.

I consider meeting and hiring Jo one of the pivotal points in my career. She and I share so many similarities, values, and passions. We also push each other outside of comfort zones, balance each other out, and truly make a great team. I know I can count on her in business and in life. It was an honor when she asked me to partner with her on CareerlyLAB and we are extremely excited to grow this community.

I have three adult daughters, an amazing husband, two fur babies and a grandson. We are huge hockey fans, long supporters of the Girl Scouts and love to travel. I also love binge watching true crime and Jo and often joke (but at the same time, it’s not really a joke) that one day we’ll be private detectives.

Candi Kenney

Chief Careerly Officer
and Executive Editor

Our core values:


We have the ability to create the life we want and love and speak it with confidence, conviction, and empowerment.


Our inner power and potential can move beyond old habits and patterns and into self improvement and strength.


We have a strong sense of purpose and take time each day to focus on ourselves.


We have a strong sense of purpose and take time each day to focus on ourselves.


We have a strong sense of purpose and take time each day to focus on ourselves.

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